The Growing Series:

So You Want To Grow Cannabis

Written by Elizabeth Chorney-Booth, Lift & Co.
Published January 15, 2020

Cannabis 101: The Definitive Guide To Growing At Home

When recreational cannabis became legal in Canada in October 2018, much of the focus was on buying and consuming commercially produced cannabis products — but legalization also made room for many Canadians to grow their own plants at home. Adults of legal age can grow up to four cannabis plants per household (except in Manitoba and Quebec, where home growing is banned), making Canada a nation of potential cannabis farmers.

While it might be more convenient to buy packaged cannabis products through one of the many licensed retailers across the country, there are plenty of reasons to grow your own. Once you set yourself up with the proper equipment and understand the basics of growing, cultivating your own plants can be both cost effective and highly rewarding.

A single seed sells for about $15 in Canada (they generally come in packs of four for $60) and you can expect anywhere from half an ounce to a couple of ounces from each plant, depending on your cultivar and growing methods. Moreover, growing can be a fun and satisfying hobby. Much like baking your own bread or building a bookshelf, there’s a real satisfaction in creating something enjoyable from scratch.

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