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SolarMAX MH Veg - 7200°K

Vegetative and Veg Conversion

SOLARMAX lamps deliver 30% more “nutritious” Blue light radiation than standard lamps. The
result - more vigorous, vegetative growth and stronger roots during the important early stages of a
plant’s development.


• High Quality for optimal performance
• Designed with the grower in mind
• Works with both magnetic and digital ballasts
• Reduced lamp sizes to fit most horticultural lighting fixtures
• Custom tailored spectral distribution ensuring the highest PAR output
• All solarMAX lamps carry a full ONE YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY

• Made in Germany

Product # Description Ballast Lamp Jacket Lumens Life Hours
07450807 MHT 400W Veg/Conversion HPS Ballast S51 T15 32,000 15,000
07450738 MHT 600W Veg/Conversion HPS Ballast S106 T25 55,000 9,000
07450758 MHT 1000W Veg/Conversion ** HPS Ballast S52 T25 90,000 9,000
07450806 MHT 400W Veg. Lamp MH Ballast M59 T15 32,000 15,000
07450757 MHT 1000W Veg. Lamp MH Ballast M47 T25 85,000 9,000