Pro Trac 2

An engineered light track for professional growers

Only Pro Trac 2 features the unique walking box carriage. At each end, the carriage pauses (holds) a light for 30% of the travel time, leaving 70% of the light to be spread in the over all length of the track.


  •  The Pro Trac 2 is 2.05 meters (79”) in length and is supplied fully assembled in a labeled box
  •  The pause is engineered into the Pro Trac 2 and is not variable nor electronic. It is reliable
  •  The Pro Trac 2 features all metal construction
  • Easy to install
  • Track either 2 lights in a linear format or up to
  • 6 lights by adding a Pro Bar 10 to each unit
  • CSA/UL approved


Only ProTrac 2 features the unique walking box carriage.

Product # Description
07430101 Pro Trac 2
07430110 Pro Trac - 1 Meter
07430130 Pro Trac Motor Assembly
07430140 Pro Trac Master Link
07430141 Pro Trac Single Link
07430180 Pro Bar 10
07430181 Pro Bar 5