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SolarMAX Reflector Series - Super MH Veg

For Vegetative Growth

Investing in new HPS lamps or lighting system? Hundreds of lamps installed in European greenhouses. The best engineered lighting footprint in the greenhouse industry!


Operates on standard 400W or 600W HPS ballast. 95% efficient with amazing light uniformity. More vigorous vegetative growth and stronger roots. Adjustable lamp base for perfect alignment.


• No Reflectors Needed!
• Digital ballast compatible
• 95% efficient and amazing uniformity

• Available in high output 400W (32,000 lumens) or 600W (55,000 lumens) MH 7200°K
• Adjustable lamp base for perfect alignment
• Made in Russia

Product # Description
07450802 SolarMAX Reflector Series Veg 400W MHT/R - 7,200ºK
07450803 SolarMAX Reflector Series Veg 600W MHT/R - 7,200ºK