Product # Description
07450774 SOLISTEK 1000 MH DE- 10K
07450773 SOLISTEK 1000 MH DE-6K
07450772 SOLISTEK 1000 MH DE- 4K
07450777 SOLISTEK 600 MH DE- 10K
07450776 SOLISTEK 600 MH DE- 6K
07450775 SOLISTEK 600 MH DE- 4K

SOLISTEK DE MH LAMPS (Available in 600 and 1000W)
• 4K Metal Halide is a pulse-start full spectrum lamp used for all stages of growth and
• 6K Metal Halide is a pulse-start lamp popularly used for vegetative growth to
encourage shorter node spacing and bushier plants
• 10K Metal Halide is a pulse-start lamp used for the last 7 – 14 days of bloom to allow
better ripening and finishing
SolisTek lamps contain enhanced UV Spectra. Exercise caution when working around any
HID lamp that contains UV, always wear protective lenses.
SolisTek High Frequency MH offers:
• Color Enhanced Full Balanced Spectrum
• Less depreciation of PAR and lumen output over time.
• Precise Gas Combination for Increased Blues, Reds & UV
• True High Frequency Technology & Proper UV Balance
• Advanced HID Lamp Design for Prolonged Lamp Life
• Made for Quality, Consistency & Yield