Mr. No!

Product # Description
04220036 Mr.No! 250 mL
04220035 Mr.No! 1L

Mr. No! is a specially formulated nutrient that increases the number of internodes, shortens the length between them, and focuses plants’ energy on lateral growth rather than vertical growth. This powerful nutrient will also tighten up buds and maximize your yield.
Proper Use of Mr. No! can result in:
• an increase chlorophyll content of the treated plants
• an increase cell wall thickness thereby can increase the pest
and disease resistant
• an increase lateral branching and reduces vertical growth
• an increase flower bud formation and number of female flowers
• an increase biosynthesis of resins thereby increases flavor and aroma of the treated plants
• an increase yield per plant
• an increase fertilizer use efficiency (FEU)
• stimulates synthesis of root exudates
• provide better root development