Gavita Hortistar Reflector

Product # Description
07520245 Shade Gavita 600 SE Hortistar
07520246 Shade Gavita 1000 DE Hortistar

Gavita Hortistar Reflector 600SE
A reflector should bring as much light to your crop as possible and do this in a uniform way. The Gavita HortiStar 600 does just that: It has one of the most efficient reflectors in the market with an efficiency of 96 %. It is our most popular 600/750 W horticultural reflector. Using a professional quality fixture and reflector has suddenly become very affordable. The Gavita HortiStar 600 reflector fixture comes with a replaceable Miro  aluminum reflector that can be replaced with the lamp still in the lamp holder. As an alternative, inlay reflectors are available. The fixture is suitable for HPS/MH lamps up to 750 Watt. The lamp cord terminal is shielded by a metal housing. Installation is very easy with the two eye  bolts.

Gavita Hortistar Reflector 1000DE
One of the best 1000 Watt HPS lamps in the market is the double ended Philips GreenPower Plus 1000W 400V EL lamp. Specifically designed for  high frequency electronic ballasts it has a connection at each side of the  lamp, removing the need for a frame support wire inside of the lamp. The absence of a frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam. Instead of  vacuum it is gas filled which allows for a smaller arc tube, improving the optical control. The Gavita HortiStar 1000 DE reflector is specifically  designed for this type of lamp. The Gavita HortiStar 1000 DE comes with a  replaceable high efficiency Miro aluminum reflector. As an alternative,  inlay reflectors are available. It is specifically designed for 1000 double ended lamps. The lamp cord terminal is shielded by a metal housing.