Fantech Inline Mixed Flow Duct Fans

Product # Description
03096011 Fantech 8" IMF Duct Fan- 836CFM
03096012 Fantech 10" IMF Duct Fan- 1266CFM
03096013 Fantech 12" IMF Duct Fan- 2016CFM
03096014 Fantech 14" IMF Duct Fan- 2619CFM
03096015 Fantech 16" IMF Duct Fan- 4274CFM

Inline mixed flow fans FKD with AC motors combine the high air flow rate of an axial fan with the pressure capability of a centrifugal fan. Airflows up to 6,290 cfm.

Mixed-flow impeller
• 100% Speed-controllable
• Integral thermal contacts
• Air stream temperatures up to 140 °F

Fantech FKD direct drive, mixed flow fans blend the high air flow of axial fans with the higher pressure, non-overloading characteristics of backward curved impellers. An excellent choice for exhaust or supply applications where quieter performance and easy installation are important.