Fantech FG Series: Centrifugal Duct Fan

Product # Description MSRP
03096000 Fantech 4" C Duct Fan- 170 CFM, 120V $231.00
03096001 Fantech 6" C Duct Fan- 483 CFM, 120V $315.00
03096002 Fantech 8" C Duct Fan- 502 CFM, 120V $415.00
03096003 Fantech 10" C Duct Fan- 589 CFM, 120V $427.00
03096004 Fantech 12" C Duct Fan- 940 CFM, 120V $648.00

FG Series
• Speed-controllable
• Built-in thermal overload protection with automatic reset
• Can be installed in any position and outdoors
• Maintenance-free and reliable
• Mounting bracket and hardware included
• Five-year factory warranty
• UL Listed, CSA Certified, HVI Certified, ENERGY STAR®
The housing is manufactured from a two-piece stamped galvanized construction. The two
halves are joined using Fantech’s unique folded seam closure, which gives the fan the first
in class, air tight seal. Duct connected outdoor and wet room applications of the fan are
possible due to the air tight casing. FG fans are equipped with backward-curved impeller
blades and external rotor motors. With the motor in the airstream the fan provides the
constant dissipation of heat buildup thus giving the fan first in class of longevity and