Fantech Dehumidifier

Product # Description
03096018 Fantech 150Pint Dehumidifier LG Refridgeration
03096019 Fantech 180Pint Dehumidifier S Refridgeration
03096020 Fantech 190Pint Dehumidifier LG Refridgeration
03096021 Fantech 250Pint Dehumidifier S Refridgeration

  • Low temperature operation to 40oF
  • Tough rotomolded cabinet
  • Electronic controls for precise, convenient setup and simple operation
  • Digital hour meter for recording job times even when the unit is unplugged
  • Integrated handles (upper/lower) allow for easy lifting job to job
  • Dimensions: 36 3/4 (h) x 23 1/2 (d) x 18 (w)


The EPD Series of portable dehumidifiers is one of the most effective and versatile drying devices available in the US today. Quiet, efficient, portable and reliable, the EPD Series provides exceptional performance across the full range of job site conditions. Engineered for the heavy demands of job site humidity control and water damage restoration, our unit’s rugged rotomolded housing and durable construction makes the EPD Series dehumidifier a top choice for professionals everywhere.

How it works

Low temperature operation to 40oF allows moisture to be removed from the air at lower humidity levels than is the current standard. When you combine this performance with, convenient setup and simple operation and electronic controls for precise measurement, it is clear to see why the EDP series is considered the ultimate in low grain refrigerant dehumidification.