BioNova Foliar

Product # Description MSRP
09651017 BioNova Foliar 250mL 1:4
09651018 BioNova Foliar 1L 1:4
09651019 BioNova Foliar 5L 1:4
09651020 BioNova Foliar 20L 1:4

BioNovaFoliar is a powerful and highly effective cleaner against pollution of the leaf surface and clogging of the leaf pores (stomata) by waste from pests. This leaf detergent cleans the crop of all organic pollution with the result that the crop is no longer attractive to all kinds of insects and fungi.


For cleaning your plants, we recommend a ratio of 1: 5 (17%).
That means 1 liter NovaFoliar 5 l. water.
Water first then add NovaFoliar to minimize excessive foaming.
Spray both the top and the underside of the leaves with this solution.


NovaFoliar is a highly concentrated detergent. Higher concentrations are not recommended. Remove undiluted product or spillage immediately with water. It is recommended to test on an inconspicuous area before use. To keep the plants clean regular inspection and possible after-treatment is necessary.