Terms and Conditions

Net 30 days from date of invoice on approval of credit, otherwise orders must be prepaid prior to shipping. Customers will be advised immediately when an order exceeds their credit limit so they can rectify the situation and the order can be shipped expediently.
PRODUCT RETURNS All returns must be authorized by Rambridge prior to shipping any return to our warehouse. Items returned to Rambridge without authorization and/or freight collect will be refused. All returns must be shipped freight prepaid. Items subject to freezing damage must be returned by heated carrier. Any replacement product will have freight prepaid back to your door.

Non-Defective Returns

Returned non-defective goods will only be accepted within 30 days from the date of purchase and must be in original packaging and in clean, resaleable condition. All non-defective returns will be subject to a 15% restocking charge unless otherwise authorized.

Warranty Return

Warranty returns must be accompanied by the original end user bill of sale, a clear explanation of why the product is being returned under warranty and a brief description of any inspection and evaluation performed prior to its return. Acceptance of a warranty return does not constitute acknowledgement of warranty given. Credit or replacement will only be authorized after warranty confirmation by the manufacturer or supplier. We reserve the right to issue credit or product, in lieu of credit. All returns should be pre-authorized and freight prepaid.

Freight and Claims

All orders are shipped F.O.B. our warehouse unless otherwise authorized. If you have a preferred carrier please inform us, otherwise we will ship with the best available carrier for the product being shipped. Heated service is required in the winter for some products. All shipments will be insured unless we are otherwise advised. If you have an account with us and have not completed the freight insurance advisory form please contact us immediately.

Carrier Responsibility

The carrier is responsible for the safe delivery of the goods and any claims for damage or shortages should be made with the carrier.

Shipment Inspection

Inspect each shipment as soon as it arrives while the carrier is still present.

Warranty And Liability Limitations

Rambridge Wholesale Supply makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and in no event will be liable for any consequential, incidental or indirect damages arising out of the use or inability to use a product. All warranties shall be the warranties of the manufacturer or supplier and shall be limited to either the purchase price or product replacement with the same or equivalent product at the sole discretion of Rambridge.

Vancouver Lower Mainland $500.00 Calgary $1,000.00
Fraser Valley $1,500.00 All Other $1,500.00
Vancouver Island $1,500.00 SASKATCHEWAN (All locations) $2,000.00
Okanagan $1,500.00 MANITOBA (All locations) $2,000.00
Kootneys $1,500.00 ONTARIO (All locations) $1,500.00
All Other $2,000.00 QUEBEC (All locations) $1,000.00
ATLANTIC CANADA (All locations) $2,000.00


Alabama $4,000 Iowa $4,000 New Hampshire $3,000 Texas $4,000
Alaska $5,000 Kansas $4,000 New Jersey $3,000 Utah $3,000
Arizona $3,000 Kentucky $4,000 New Mexico $3,000 Vermont $3,000
Arkansas $4,000 Louisiana $4,000 New York $3,000 Virginia $4,000
California $2,000 Maine $4,000 North Carolina $4,000 Washington $3,000
Colorado $3,000 Maryland $3,000 North Dakota $4,000 West Virginia $4,000
Connecticut $3,000 Massachusetts $3,000 Ohio $2,000 Wisconsin $3,000
Delaware $3,000 Michigan $2,000 Oklahoma $4,000  Wyoming  $3,000
Florida $4,000 Minnesota $4,000 Oregon $3,000
Georgia $4,000 Mississippi $4,000 Pennsylvania $3,000
Hawaii $5,000 Missouri $4,000 Rhode Island $3,000
Idaho $4,000 Montana $4,000 South Carolina $4,000
Illinois $3,000 Nebraska $4,000 South Dakota $4,000
Indiana $2,000 Nevada $3,000 Tennessee $4,000
1 US Gallon is equal to: 1 cup is equal to : 1 tablespoon is equal to:
4 quartz 256 tbsp 8 ounces 0.52lbs 1/2 ounce 180 drops
8 pints 768 tsp 1/2 pint 0.23 litre 15 ml 15 grams
16 cups 8.34 lbs 16 tbsp 14.4 cu. in. 3 tsp 0.663 cup
128 ounces 231 cu. in. 48 tsp 236 grams
3.785 litres 236 ml
1 litre is equal to:
1000 ml 2.22 lbs 1 mho = 1 Siemen mg/1 = milligrams per litre
2.164 pints 202.88 tsp 1 Siemen = 1000 mS ppm = parts per million
1000 grams 0.264 gal 1 mS = 1000 uS mho = conductivity
4.328 cups 1.057 quart 1 mS = 500 ppm mS = millisiemen
67.63 tbsp (standard) uS = microsiemen
1 mS = 650 ppm tds = total dissolved solids
(horticultural) cc = electrical conductivity
1 mg/litre = 1 ppm pH = potential hydrogen